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    lots of sites require usernames to be at least 4 characters, so I'm bmos.
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    The beginning is my first name so it wasn't hard to come up with it!

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    I was a young adult in the early 90's and a big Star Trek fan. I was also playing in my first D&D game in my new hometown of Dallas. Away from the small town and close knit group I grew up playing with. To sound cool I picked the Jalaad, from the episode Darmok, but I respelled it to sound "even cooler" (LOL). So it's jhilahd, and not jihad.

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    Mine's your typical lame attempt at wordplay related to gaming lingo.

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    Eghealbabock is the name of my Evil Gnome thief-illusionist, futur ruler of all the univers (since 1985).

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    "Motte" Means something like "clod" in French

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooCow View Post
    When human younglings are very small, their guardians teach them what sounds farm animals make when they're not stressed or in pain. Then, in order for the younglings to associate the animal names with the noises, their guardians teach create little compound words of the two. I don't know if that story is true, but that's what I've heard anyway.
    In the series Till Death us do Part Warren Mitchell played the sexist, racist, intolerant conservative voter "Alf Garnett" at first he called his long suffering wife played by the amazing Dandy Nicholls, a "silly old cow" but this received a lot of negative feedback for the BBC so he toned it down to "silly old moo". This was acceptable at the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notsag View Post
    Its my real name, just backwards, i know, im a freaking genius!

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