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    New Starfinder Season 2 Kick-off: 2-01: Pact World Warriors Sunday July 21 @ 10am EST

    Session Slotted to run between 10am EST to about 3pm EST
    New Players to Starfinder, Society Play and/or Fantasy Grounds Welcome

    About the scenario:

    A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4.

    Recovering from its recent trials in the Scoured Stars, the Starfinder Society finds itself the target of a vicious media smear campaign. To combat this unexpected threat, the Society sends a group of agents to build up some standing in the Pact Worlds by taking part in a series of televised events orchestrated by the undead media mogul, Zo!. What these heroic agents don't know, is that their competition is willing to do whatever it takes to stop them from restoring the Society's tattered image.

    Content in Pact World Warriors begins the Year of a Thousand Bites storyline.
    Scenario Tags: Faction (Acquisitives)

    What the Players Should Know

    Please apply on the FG forums on both the game calendar HERE as well as in this game thread. First, it's easier to tell how many spots are already filled that way. Second, the other players (as well as the GM) know what level and class to expect from your character (if you don't know yet, simply state TBD). Third, you'll get notified about any updates if you post in the game thread (at least about the first one). Fourth, it allows the GM to determine who applied first should it become relevant. Some exceptions might apply.

    Also, please be sure to check the thread for new messages occasionally. You don't have to check each and every day or every few hours but please make sure to reply to any posts that do concern you in time. Should you remain unresponsive, I'll give the spot to a player that applied after you (as I won't know whether you are still interested in participating or not). Exceptions might apply, e.g. if you state beforehand that you won't be able to respond due to traveling.

    Technical details:
    We will use Fantasy Grounds (I have an Ultimate license) and Discord. I will send channel invitations to each player.

    Player Steps
    Make sure to both apply here as well as in the game calendar, stating which of your Starfinder Society legal characters you'd like to play. Pregens wil be available if you do not have a character.

    If you apply, make sure you send me your previous chronicle sheet of the character you want to apply this chronicle to (assuming you already have a chronicle sheet), either here or on Discord.

    If you haven't already, also make sure to either build the character on FG yourself (and send it to me) or log in early enough so you can do so on game day.

    Make sure you have updated Fantasy Grounds.

    FG alias and Discord server can be found under GM announcements in the game calendar.

    Make sure to track your purchases on the Inventory Tracking Sheet.
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    Sign me up as well! Will have to double check what characters I have at that level and get back to you!
    Timezone: GMT+7
    Fantasy Grounds License Type: Standard

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    Thanks for running it!

    With another game not likely happening, I should be able to make it. I can bring either a level 1 or a level 2, both TBD.
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    Please siggn me up too! I will bring a level 2 mystic if its OK.

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    Thanks all. That makes a legal table and room for 2 more as of now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboom View Post
    Sign me up as well! Will have to double check what characters I have at that level and get back to you!
    Alrighty! I've got a level 2 soldier I'll bring along for this one. Looking forward to it!
    Timezone: GMT+7
    Fantasy Grounds License Type: Standard

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    I'm in, too. I'll bring a level 2 mechanic.
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    Welcome sir. That leaves one remaining spot for the game. I have updated the calendar with the Discord channel invite. You can use that to upload your characters, chronicle and inventory sheets.

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    Seeing as we already have an envoy (HuMN), I think I'll go with operative (level 1 or 2 still TBD, will depend on whether I still want the option for a rebuild or not).

    Edit: Des, level 1 skittermander xenoarcheologist operative is ready to help!
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