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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    It's just the merge doesn't really work that well with those relative anchors.
    Yeah, when using merge="join" you'll need to use insertbefore="<control_name>" properties in each control in the new windowclass you're merging with the original if you want them to appear higher up in the relative anchor order and not get placed at the end.

    I haven't tested this, but something like the following should work:

    <windowclass name="item_main" merge="join">
    	<script file="campaign/scripts/item_main.lua" />
    		<label_column name="item_type_label" insertbefore="cost_label">
    			<static textres="item_type_group" />
    		<item_cycler name="itemtype" insertbefore="cost_label">
    					<anchored to="item_type_label" position="insidetopleft" offset="100,5" width="100" height="20" />
    		<line_column name="divider3"  insertbefore="cost_label"/>

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    Thanks Trenloe, I will try this as well.

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