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    Quote Originally Posted by GunbunnyFuFu View Post
    Excellent. My thanks!

    No worries and there's a new version of 2300AD on the Horizon..... guess what I'll be doing soon (I hope!).

    Currently working on adding the Boon/Bane to dice rolls.


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    I'll be interested in seeing what MGT2 brings to 2300 AD! Thanks for your efforts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post

    Sent over to SW today, hope to see it in test tomorrow.

    [FIXED] Added the PSI scripts for the damage! (That was the error)
    [UPDATED] Changed the MAP scale to 1.5m per square (as per the rules)

    Hey, grand master! You did it. The damage works now.

    I also had some issues with my campaign files (and additionally with my laptop after the last Win10 Update).
    Sorted all of it out now.

    Still not sure, how the "cost" is calculated in an attack. Doesn't seem to have any effect on attack or damage. The rules seem to just use the cost in conjunction with range (higher range, higher cost), but that seems more like something for difficulty, doesn't it?
    Maybe I'm just a bit confused...

    Anyway, good work!

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    You are correct the PSI DM is based on the current PSI score 'making each PSI action more difficult', darn. I'll look at fixing it this week, just sooooooo busy on 2E, it's THAT close.


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