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    What Savage World Ruleset to Use

    Currently there are two Rulesets for Savage World. I'm not sure which one to get. I guess I'm not sure what the difference is between the Deluxe Ruleset and the Adventure Edition Ruleset. Deluxe Ruleset was just updated in April and the Adventure Ruleset was released in February. Any help or info for which one to get would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is the new version of Savage Worlds released by Pinnacle earlier this year. Deluxe is the older version of the rules. Information here: https://www.peginc.com/store/savage-...les-pdf-swade/
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    Yeap, so right after I posted. I decided to do Google Search on Difference between Deluxe and Adventures Edition.

    Thanks for not bashing and thanks for the information.

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    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) is the most recent version of the game. The previous was Savage Worlds Deluxe (SWD). All the DLC in the Store was written for SWD. When SWADE was developed, the two were synchronized so that (for the most part) all SWD stuff should work perfectly fine (for the most part) in SWADE since people like to use the "new hotness." Having said that, SWADE eliminated some things from the game, so in the event you encounter that using SWADE, those links will generate an error as the ruleset can't create something that doesn't exist out of thin air.

    Once CoreRPG v3.3.8 goes live, the Lankhmar setting will be the first DLC to offer both official SWD and SWADE versions.

    In the meantime, the official SWD to SWADE Conversion Guide is a handy thing to keep nearby.

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