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    Fantasy Grounds Modules on The Dungeon Masters Guild Website

    So, I found an excellent Fantasy Grounds module on The Dungeons Masters Guild Website. I looked through the Smiteworks store but, the module is not in there. I am a little confused by this...

    Should I be purchasing modules for FG from another store? Has anyone bought modules for Fantasy Grounds from the DMs Guild website?

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    You can buy FG modules on the DMS Guild. There are dozens of them available for all sorts of things. Mainly they are all home-brewed things and not what might be called official modules. I believe there are some modules on the DMs Guild that are also available from the store but not many.
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    If you can get the module in both places, I recommend getting it here for the simplicity of updating. But I've gotten quite a few things from DMSGuild and they usually work great. A few are quirky, like no cover image in the module window, etc. But it is a legitimate source.

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    We have a special agreement in place for DMs Guild between SmiteWorks, OneBookShelf and Wizards of the Coast to allow this. You can use the link at the bottom of the forums to go to DMsGuild and buy the modules that are set up for use with Virtual Tabletops. Using the link from the forums will give us a slightly larger cut since we directed the traffic there.

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