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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerian Stormbreaker View Post
    Bare with me for a little longer. Probably for another month or so. Diablobob and I are almost done with the Portals extension! After that, I will work on the 3.3.9 issue and create a PF2 port.
    If you have time could you please add Starfinder RPG to you extension? Starfinder has the dying effect built into the ruleset.
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    Just checking in. Pathfinder 2E DM here.

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    any hint as to when this might get some love for 3.3.9 5th ed <3

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    Is there an update for FGU as I get following error using original files
    [3/19/2020 9:53:37 PM] Launcher scene starting.
    [3/19/2020 9:53:37 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] Extension Info Load (DeathIndicatorEx): An XML comment cannot contain '--', and '-' cannot be the last character. Line 1, position 5.

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    I am geting the same error message and I am using this extension for Pathfinder 2E. I suspect the token/image for it needs to be placed in another folder.

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    The extension needs up dating so that it adheres to the more stringent XML requirements of FG Unity.
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    to bad it does not work in unity
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    Someone have this compatible to Pathfinder 2e?

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    Any word on whether or not compatibility with Combat Enhancer has ever been done? (I looked through all previous posts and saw that it might be on the radar, but no timeframe).

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    Hey all,

    Please keep in mind this is a free labour of love created by someone who has chosen to gift something to the FG community, if you were paying for this on DM Guild or something and it stopped working, that would be different.

    If you really want to hit someone up about not having a death indicator for Unity, perhaps ask smiteworks to buy this code/IP and include it as a core function for 5e, hit up paizo to add it to Pathfinder they have their own devs. We all know how important a death indicator is and how much more difficult it is to run a game without it, i'm sure if enough people ask for it, once they have unity working 100%, they will consider it as an enchacment. I can't remember exactly where it is, but somewhere there is a site where you can suggest and vote for future enchancements for FG, perhaps start there.

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