I'm about to host my first campaign in Fantasy Grounds (using unity) and took the extension here (post #122 version) and spent about 15 hours figuring out how to use LUA and the modules here to make this the way I wanted it. Just finished testing and will be using it in session 1 of my first FG campaign. Which will be in FGU. Probably had to change 30% of the code as I'm essentially a truly lazy DM and wanted all the status (dying/stable/dead) represented in those big icons/tooltips this provides so that I could see at a glance (stable being the one I had to add in - made icon a band-aid). Also I wanted any little thing I touched in combat tracker to immediately get reflected in the icon/tooltips whether it was WND change, effect change, etc. And lastly - I wanted it to skip any actor (PC or NPC) that was dying/stable/dead when the combat tracker advanced, yet still automatically do the death roll saving throw as it passed by.

A pain to learn LUA while I was doing it, but I'm an OLD dev in many languages (started on rolled punch paper and cards) and this "seems" to work. I really have not tried to use any other extensions but this, so kind of pushed in all my wish list into it.

I'm posting this as a BIG thank you to the original author and the subsequent modifier of the code (post #122).

Thank you