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    It is usually good to wait until Apple has updated the latest OS to .3ish before using it from my experience and hopefully by that time unity is out.

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    Hate to repost, but trying to socialize the idea of trying 64 bit Winebottler. Did you try this?

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    @JPG I realize there just isn't bandwidth to develop the 64bit version. Would there be any bandwidth to assign any time/money toward getting someone who knows what they're doing with Wine to wrap the 32bit version in the 64bit Wine for us? I mean I've been a developer for well over 20 years, but am very inexperienced with Wine. If someone actually is skilled with it, maybe engaging them to wrap it could be a good use of resources? (Presumably it wouldn't take long if they know what they're doing anyway)

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    It's unclear from that post what state that the development version of the 64-bit WineBottler to run 32-bit apps is in. There's only the one blog post, and all other references to WineBottler on the web site state that it is 32-bit only. Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's a little premature to be looking at this as an option; especially with how much we still need to do for FGU.


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    For the short-term you may be much further ahead rolling back to Mojave, or running a Windows virtual machine until the Unity version is out.

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    Apple dropped support of 32 bit applications with the release of macOS Catalina (version 10.15), what this means is that WINE stopped working.
    (If you want more detail here is a thread in the WINEhq forum: [])
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