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    open a new window within a document?

    trying to change the rules in the refrence section to look like this

    () Races
    () Classes
    () Prestige Classes

    then when they click on any of them it opens up a list ie.


    when clicking on the appropriate race, it opens up a small window containing that information.

    now, ive tried to use code similar to the caster section of classes, eg. under bard, there is a link to the bard spell list, however when using my code based on this nothing even shows up.

    Can anyone toss me some code examples to get me on the right page?

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    Very quickly - does the link work ? That is, do you get a frame show up (and thus your windowclass def's in "d20-reference.xml" are ok) but it is blank (your ref. to the xml file that holds your data for each specific class or race is wrong) ?

    In your first xml file referenced where you list the classes you need to have something like:

    <link class="reftxt" recordname="bard">Bard</link>

    Then in d20-reference.xml you need an appropriate windowclass (the default will do) which has as a second line (I think - this is all from memory) :

    <datasource name="classes" />

    Then in a sep. xml file in the database folder you need an xml file with the parent node "classes" and then a sub-node called "Bard" with your data e.e

    (again, this is from memory)

    <node name="classes">

    <node name="Bard">
    <stringvalue name="name" value="Bard" />
    <formattedtext name="text">
    <p>This is a Bard</p>


    Try that ...

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    thanks for the help, it didn't work. hers an example of the code.

    filename: houserules.xml (allready loads up fine as is)
    <node name="houserule">
    <node name="test">
    <stringvalue name="name" value="test1" />
    <link class="houserule" recordname="artificier">test</link>

    then the node i want is in the same file, (just trying to test out the link)

    <node name="artificier">
    <stringvalue name="name" value="Artificier" />

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    Do any changes you make show up ? If not then look in base.xml ... I bet all the references there are telling FG to use the default d20 ruleset and not your modified ruleset which you have renamed ?

    You should have a folder in the "rulesets" folder of FG called something like
    "d20-funnyman" and in that folder is an unzipped copy of the d20 default ruleset (a file called resource.pak needs to be renamed resource.zip, unzipped and voila ... the d20 ruleset can be copied and renamed ... if you have not done this). All the references in base.xml need to read:

    <staticdata source="rulesets\d20-funnymanmike\database\monsters.xml" />

    etc. etc.

    That done ... looking at your sample code ...is houserules.xml included in base.xml ?

    <staticdata source="rulesets\d20-funnyman\database\houserules.xml" />

    Then in that xml file put the code (I'll assume it is well formed) that you have indicated. From what you have then posted - assuming your windowclasses are correct in the d20-reference.xml file ... it should work ...

    Does data appear in the area of the referenceroot.png under "Houserules" ?
    If you click on one of these links such as "Races" does a frame appear ? If a frame does appear it is blank despite the fact that in a node called races you have placed a set of nodes for each race ?

    Each of the links could read
    <link class="houserulereftxt" recordname="dwarf">Dwarf</link>
    And you should have a windowclass in d20-reference that looks something like :
    <windowclass name="houserulereftxt">
    <datasource name="houserules" />
    <defaultsize width="600" height="650" />
    <dynamic />
    <frame name="referencebox" />
    <minimize icon="minimized_reference" />
    <formattedtextcontrol name="text">
    <bounds rect="25,15,-30,-20" />
    <font normal="chatfont" bold="narratorfont" italic="chatitalicfont" bolditalic="chatbolditalicfont" title="titlefont" />
    <icon link="button_openwindow" emptylink="button_emptytarget" />
    <linkicon link="button_openwindow" emptylink="button_emptytarget" />
    <footer image="footer_wide" />
    <selectioncolor value="#FFD296" />
    <footer image="footer_wide" />
    <bounds rect="-63,-45,45,27" />
    <target name="text" />
    <button normal="button_scroller" pressed="button_scroller_down" />

    You may wish to change the size of the box that appears of course

    Does this help ? PM me or post again if it does not.

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