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    Preferred name (can be an alias or your character name): Andrew, Matthias, and Taylor
    Time Zone:EST

    I and two of my friends would love to play in this game. We are dedicated players who prize attendance above all, closely followed by roll play, then tactical combat. I will answer the following about myself, as I am kind of the ring leader of the three of us in trying to find a game, but I can answer questions about the others as needed.

    - Tell me a bit about your role playing experience, provide one good experience and one bad experience you have had:
    I've been playing TTRPGs for about 5 years now, and I have had my shares of ups and downs. I usually am locked in as the DM, but I've had my share of poor online groups. My worst experience may have been a player who created a character mechanically identical to mine, but spent several sessions doing nothing but getting high on "magical pipeweed," then threw a giant fit when we stopped consulting him for input after weeks of him just making stoner jokes, resulting in the dissolving of that group. My best, however, was a time as a DM where I ran several one on one sessions with players in my first campaign. The group had split up, so I pulled each player in and ran a private session for each, ranging from a Druid helping a nature spirit fight off encroaching owl bears to defend its territory, to a tempest cleric turning his back on the Seldarine and fully embracing Umberlee as his new goddess.

    - Describe what you enjoy most about Tabletop RPG’s or what you look forward to most when you play.
    I love the ability to build a world together with others, and to live a life that isn't possible in reality. I love pulling off grand heists, slaying dragons, experiencing loss, and above all, making everyone in the group have the best time of their life.

    - Describe any type of character concept you have in mind
    I'm currently working on an idea for a Shadar-Kai Twilight domain Cleric from UA, multiclassed with Hexblade warlock. A warlock of the Raven Queen, he has found a new love for the night sky, and is reaching out, looking for a new purpose to dedicate himself to. Would probably start as a warlock, then multiclass into cleric when he "found" his goddess somewhere in the first tier of play.

    - Have you had a poor GM? What did they do that made them a poor GM?

    I've played with many DMs who tried to do things ranging from taking on more than they could handle, either with scheduling, with trying to run multiple games a week only to drop out of the majority of the, all the way to a DM who tried to force a player to do something intensely inappropriate and out of character to get his rocks off. All three of us are very open to mature content, but there are certain things you don't do to a new player.

    - How do you/would you handle a disagreement with the GM regarding a ruling

    The DM has final say on all rulings. If I felt strongly, I would save my points until after the session, then sit down privately with you and discuss why I feel that way. If you still decided to do things your way, then that is your right as the DM.

    - What published D&D settings and modules are you well versed in, if any?

    I am VERY familiar with the Forgotten Realms, as it is my favorite place to run the game, and I've read almost every novel and sourcebook thats been placed there. Outside of that, I have passing knowledge of other settings, but nothing that would spoil anything for other players or myself.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Should you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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    Preferred name: Knight
    Time Zone: MST

    - i have played RPGs for over 13 years on and off. about two years ago i got into 5th edition D&D and have some of the books on D&D beyond. one good experience i have had with 5th edition is that is is a lot harder to break with my play style, which i like as i can go over board sometimes. a bad experience i have had is being eaten by a dragon and failing all my death saves.
    - I enjoy the Creativity of the mind. though i am very quiet myself, only talking when i have something to say, i can come up with some creative things in a pinch or be able to apply my military background to fantasy combat.
    - a character concept i have in mind is kinda like a fighter with magic pistols. more like wands of magic missile honestly.
    - i actually just got kicked by a poor DM. instead of asking questions he just kicked me out of the game this morning.
    - i prefer the rule of cool. given that i don't expect everything to go as the characters or Players want, and the dm has final say and as long as the decision makes sense i won't argue
    - i am not really well versed in any of them for 5th edition. i prefer to get lore and stuff through play style not reading and having expectations. just in case something changes in someones else's game story

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