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    Greetings all,

    This is my first attempt at running an SF game in FG, so forgive me if this topic has already been covered, but when I created a Technomancer who has 4 known 0-level and 2 known 1st level spells. He can cast 3 1st level spells per day due to INT. When I go to the Spells tab I get the following:

    Preparation Mode: Level 0 At Will (and I see all 4 0-level spells with no circles on the left), Leve 1 Cast: 0/0 Prepared: 0/3 and I see both 1st level spells with 3 dull circles next to each. Clicking the circle prepares the spell.
    Standard Mode: Same as Preparation Mode but I only see circles for the spells I prepared. Click on a circle puts a check mark.
    Combat Mode: 0-level spells completely disappear, and I see only the first level spells I have prepared.

    Are spells not fully functional yet or am I doing something wrong?



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    You still need to prepare 0 level spells so that they display in combat mode. Are you not seeing the spell preparation circles for 0 level spells? If not, are you using any extensions or themes?

    EDIT: Sorry, I was looking at an older ruleset version (v1.0.15) not the latest (v1.1.0) - which no longer has the preparation check marks for level 0 spells. I'll let the dev comment on how this should work in that version. I'm guessing that maybe development and testing was done against a PC that had, in a previous version, their 0-level spells prepared - and so the prepared data was still there in the background.
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    Spells in Starfinder. There are only Spontaneous Spell casters in Starfinder. When you create a new spell section it defaults to what use to be Prepared Casters. Click on the icon next to the Group name until it says Spontaneous Caster (Circle with a Star). This sets up your bubbles correct. At-Will (0 Level) can be cast as many times a day as you wish. Levels 1-6 will have the correct number of bubbles listed next to each Spell After your done Casting a Spell check it off. ( I removed the Auto Check off due to if your in Combat mode and cast a Spell and it was the last Spell you could use in that level all the spells disappeared in that level and you didn't have the other actions to use for Damage/Heals/Effects .... This way after your done you check it off and they go away no problem.

    (Head Icon) Points Caster option is still there in-case they add something that would require it.

    (Book Icon) Prepared Casters is renamed to Spell-Like Abilities. This is in-case you get a Race that gives you Spell Like Abilities that have a limited number per Day you can create a new group and set it to Spell Like and it will act like a Prepared Caster
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    I never even noticed the little book icon. That's awesome! Thank you both Trenloe and Samarex for your help. By the way, one of the reasons I chose to run a Starfinder game (I was also looking at Traveller and GURPS) is because I really liked this ruleset. It makes things so much easier for both me and my players. Excellent work and kudos to all involved! I very much look forward to see what Starship Combat has in store.


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