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    Is there a Generic Dialogbox (toolkit)?

    I have need to pop up a dialog box to the GM so that they can select a few checkboxes or a radio button, and get the result.

    Is there something like this already built? I looked at the "manualrolls" dialog, and that seems like a huge amount of work. Does FG support the concept of a "dialogbox" (where the processing is halted until the window is answered)?

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    No, there is not a modal dialog box. All boxes that ask a user for input are regular windows that maintain information on what data to update once the user selects. There's a generic "selection" type dialog that's part of the CoreRPG layer, but used by 3.5E and 5E to allow users to select X number from a list of Y items. Look for "select_dialog" window class in CoreRPG, and examples of use in 5E.


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    There's somethig like that in the DORCore - and in the DOEBase (from memory). Have a llok-see and I give you permission to use it if iots what you're after (with appropriate acknowledgments, of course)

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    That is very gentlemanly if you, Dulux. Thank you, sir.

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