DnD 5e One Shot

Experience Dm who is bored with some time in between the camp. that I host

Date and Time: 07/11/2019 (8:15 pm. CDT Character Creation and Rules) 07/12/2019 (8:15 pm CDT, actual session 4-5 hours)

Character Level:
10 (must roll for stats and will have 1 stat at a must 8 starting)

Voice is Required via discord

Notes: During the character creation session players will take a vote to determine how hard of a session they would like to play in. Either "B", "A", or "S".

I do own ultimate so you will only need to own the demo.

Min player is 5 max is 6

pm if you are interested first come first serve

Disclaimer: because this is a one shot and I am doing this on the side, I will not have the opportunity to teach you how to use fantasy grounds. If you do not know how to do the basics, aka targeting, moving, and using the character sheet this may not be the session for you to join. Thank you