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    Starfinder Flip-Mat

    Is there any interest or plan around having Starfinder Flip-Mats similar to Pathfinder Flip-Mat? I know there were only two of those created and they were created earlier this year. I'd be interested if the effort was worth it for SmiteWorks/Paizo? I'd be interested, but am curious if I'm alone in that.

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    Flip-Mats make me sad. On the other hand, I'd love Paizo to sell the same thing without those ugly creases, rolled up in a tube.

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    Other than the flip-mats that were done for the playtest, I believe the two flip-mat modules were done as a bit of an experiment to see if people would spend that amount of money on 2 (or 4) maps in FG. If people are buying them, then we'll probably see more - both Pathfinder and Starfinder.

    Otherwise, it's pretty easy to make your own from the PDF.

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    I figured that's why they those were created. I wonder what the purchase numbers looked like. I was ultimately just curious. I agree it's pretty easy to make them from the PDFs.

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