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    Any tips for running Ghost Tower of Inverness?

    About to run this, was looking for pointers from others who have ran it.
    Not sure how to hide spoilers...but i guess careful with those?
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    Well it's been 35+ years, but from what I remember is that a large portion of this adventure is linear in nature.

    So for the most part, the players face each challenge in turn, and the reward for defeating each is that they move on to the next (more difficult) one, until the module is completed.
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    It's a "fun-house" module. Which means that it's like an Indiana Jones adventure. Crazy trapped rooms, puzzles/etc. There are fights with monsters but a lot of time will be spent on the other things.

    As far as the actual adventure... I think the oddest part to deal with is the shrink room?

    Just walk through the module, checking all the pins and the encounters and I think you'll be ok.
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