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    How do I enter complete full screen mode?

    Hey, there! New guy here.
    I just today bought a license, and the Essentials Bundle while they were on sale, and i'm excited to dive into this program, but for whatever reason I can't seem to figure out how to make Fantasy Grounds enter a full screen mode. I'd like for it to take up the entire display, but my Windows taskbar is always present at the bottom. I must be missing something obvious, I'm sure.
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    Check your taskbar properties, turn off "Always on top"

    If that doesn't do it, let us know.

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    Thanks for the speedy response, dude!
    What's curious is that it was already completely full screen before, but the dice where laggy a bit. I restarted the compy, and now the dice flow very smoothly, but maximizing the window doesn't enter full screen anymore.
    Also, I'm using the demo Windows 10, because I'm cheep like the budgie, so I can't mess with the taskbar properties, unfortunately.

    But, seeing as how it was full screen before, I imagine there's a way to get it back! Or, at least I hope there is, anyway.
    Any other suggestions? No Full screen vs windowed mode function?
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    So, an officer on the official Discord server confirmed that they use FG in a full screen mode, and they don't hide their taskbar, although they also admitted they don't know how they managed it.
    So, there must be a way to make it so.

    EDIT: Turns out he did have his taskbar settings adjusted to hide, but thought that he didn't.
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