FG License: DM has ultimate license
Game System: 5e


Time Zone: EST
Day of week and time: THURSDAY 7/11/19
If new game, planned start date:
Planned Duration & Frequency: This is a 1 shot, will run 2-4 hours.
Term: This is a one shot, with no further commitment required.

Text or Voice: Voice, text for added flavor only
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

Roleplay & Combat mix: Trying for an equal mix of RP, Combat and Exploration
Number of Players in game & needed: Currently need 3 players, also posting in some FB groups. Willing to vet people for the right group.
Character starting level & equipment: 2nd level w/1 uncommon magic item that is NOT a weapon or armor
Character restrictions: Any published WOTC

Details: This is a single session adventure. In this short adventure, our heroes begin in a small fortified hamlet, where a recent earthquake has unearthed an ancient pyramid from a long forgotten time. It now stands in the foothills of the mountains. Forces both good and evil have their eye on exploring and exploiting the pyramid before the snows of winter begin to fall.