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    If you want a system that kids get - its Dungeon World.
    You as the GM though would have to learn it...

    That is why its often best sticking with stuff you know the mechanics for and shaping the content to fit.

    As easy as B/X was - 5E is today - and its more logically designed.
    I have plenty of fond B/X memories but mostly I reckon its because it was my entry into this hobby and it was magical.
    5E would do the same for your kids today.
    Dungeon World! I haven't read it but I've been hearing a lot lately about it. Particularly enjoying the re-examination of old school modules through a Dungeon World lense in the Fear of a Black Dragon podcast

    If its play style is good for kids, I'll have to promote it to top of the reading list.

    I agree with the maxim of sticking with the systems that you know, but unfortunately for me that's CoC, WFRPv3, neither of which are simple enough.

    I have found Tails of Equestria has been perfect for an introduction to RPGs for my 6-9yos. Its D&D inspired mechanics with just 3 Characteristic stats, talents and leveling up make it a great introduction.
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    Its not designed for kids but the way it plays is easy for kids to understand.
    Its story driven - they tell you what they want to do and you tell them what move to roll against.
    Kids play like they are action heroes in the movies - its all flashy stuff - very narrative.
    Dungeon World takes the narrative and gives you simple moves to roll and the story evolves.

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    Don’t forget this:

    That looks pretty good. It is Pathfinder ruleset which is like 3.5

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    I mentioned that series in my recap, it is available in 5e flavor so it makes it more in line with either/or. I’m gonna go on a limb here and call PF 1.0 considerable more “involved” than 5e.

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    I would go 5E, as what they learn about the game will apply to what others are playing going forward, but agree that they will love it regardless of your decision.

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