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    Looking for Nerds for Weekly D&D5E: Out of the Abyss Campaign/Twitch Stream

    Hey all, I'm Will.

    I run a the gaming Discord The League of Gentlemen Explorers and the associated Twitch stream (https://www.twitch.tv/willtomorrow). I've recently started streaming D&D 5E: Curse of Strahd every Tuesday and enjoy it so much that I'm looking to expand to a weekly Wednesday stream of Out of the Abyss, in the same timeslot of 7-10pm CST.

    I'm looking for a couple of players of any experience level to join the crew. Ideally you'd be a strong roleplayer, with a good emphasis on character motivations, development and performance. It'd be especially nice to be able to include some women/POC in the stream, as I find variety to be the spice of life and I think diverse perspectives make for interesting roleplay. That being said, everyone is welcome to try out.

    You'd need a good mic/webcam, the ability to join a Discord, the Fantasy Grounds demo and free Wednesday evenings for a weekly session. I have an ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds and just about all of the D&D content for it produced so far. We'd start with Out of the Abyss or LMoP (if all rookies to D&D). If you like the sessions, and I dig your style/energy then I'm selecting my best players to join the follow up to my current D&D adventures - into a big production of the full Rise of the Tiamet/Horde of the Dragon Queen lvl 1-18 modules. Think animated maps, guest NPC voice actors, all the trimmings bells AND whistles... but I'm getting ahead of myself there.

    If this seems like the kind of thing that interests you, drop me a line here or PM me. I'm excited to see where this journey may lead and if you're not a min-maxer or a total bastard, It's likely you'll be a wonderful addition, and make some good memories along the way.
    "You can tell more of a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation" ~Plato

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    Interested in what you’re offering! Looking forward to the setting.

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    I am interested as well. I love to give it a try.
    What rules do you have on characters?
    The character I best (in my opinion) was a kobold rogue.

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    This sounds great! Unfortunately, Wednesdays at 7CST are the one evening I cannot do. Let me know if you start another campaign at a different time slot.

    Best of luck!
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    Hello, this is definitely interesting to me (have to see if it’s “interesting” enough to my wife that she’d be okay with me playing), I’m pretty new to D and D though I am currently in a Saturday game of fifth edition (home brew setting) as well as having previous knowledge of pathfinder.

    As far as the actual game goes, I am much more interested in role playing than I am for any other part of D and D, I enjoy the idea of embodying the character, their motivations and character strengths/flaws and (for a brief time) seeing the world through their eyes.

    One issue, should I be able/chosen to join you, is that I currently do not own a webcam and would like to be sure I am the right fit for your group/future plans before I buy one. Would it be admissible to do something like your yuanti warlock in your curse of strahd game in the beginning/session 0?

    I’m willing to play whatever character class would be needed inside the group dynamic, I do have a shield dwarf barbarian built already (Incase I needed it in my other game where I play an aasimar celestial warlock) that would probably work in the underdark environs. If you’d like to talk further please feel free to PM me, and we can talk specifics, thanks.

    PS- if you need a 6th for CoS or have a drop out I’d definitely be interested in that as well!

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