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    Dice Configurator

    Greetings, I'm quite new to FG and was looking into some Features I'm used to from other Systems.
    I'm looking for a small extension that enables the Players and the DM to set up a custom Dice-Configuration. I've seen lots of rulesets like morecore that enable dice with custom systems like wod-dice (Which I'd certainly like to use). But instead of always remebering the coding I'd like to offer me and my players a handy screen like the manual-dice roller, but instead of setting up values it would offer them the config. for their next roll.

    Follwing is the full planed idea, but I'm not at all requesting someone to do all of this. I manly want to know if such a thing already exists in some way (preferably with links to it). Or hint's on who this or a part of it can be archived. I'm using CoreRPG as ruleset so most likely this will have to be compiled into a custom extension.

    # Nr. of Dice #Modifier #DC
    5 1 6
    [Button] Roll Dice [Checkbox]Hidden |[Checkbox]GM only | [Checkbox]Proficient [Button] Roll Initiative

    A normal roll in this would roll 5d10, with DC 6 and add +1 Success
    A Ini would result in a simple d10 + 1 to the rolled value (not success)

    #Nr of Dice determines how many d10's are rolled
    #DC determines which dice are counting towards Success, if empty it's DC6 (WoD-System)
    #Checkboxes are off by default and enable the following:
    ->Hidden: Only you+GM see the Result
    ->GM only:Only GM see's Result
    ->Proficient: (remaining) 10's count as 2 Success
    (remaining means: The official System works as follows: any rolled 1 may cancel out one "Success" the rules as written is a bit ambivalent though, since this can mean 2 things: count all successes - Nr. of 1's, or each 1 cancels out 1 success die. The latter would mean if it has to cancel out a 10 (due to no lower dice to cancel) it actually cancels 2 successes. Still btd. which way I'd actually interpret this)

    Buttons: Roll Dice-> roll the current Configuration | In this mode #Modifier adds final Successes after roll
    Roll Initiative: Rolls a normal D10 and adds #Modifier to the vale ->Ideally also inserts the value into the combat Tracker Initiative

    The Diceroll sould be sorted descending with 10's in highlithed in green (if proficient) and 1's in red(always) all dice lower that the DC greyed out.

    After a Roll the Configurator should reset all values it had to default.

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    Hi Astaroshe, and Welcome! to the Community,

    Have you looked into the DORCore Ruleset - its more flexible in its Universal Dice Roller (UDR) then CoreRPG or MoreCore (but MoreCore's Character Sheets are better ). While DORCore is still technically a Beta-release, I'm continuing to work on it and we use it for both our fortnightly Star Frontiers game and as thre basis of the Deadlands Classic Ruleset for our fortnightly Deadlands game - both streamed on Twitch and both on my YouTube channel.

    Anyway, I'm contining to develop the UDR in DORCore so if it dioesn't suit at the moment maybe we can work it so it does in the future.


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    DORCore looks indeed interesting based on the Features of the UDR. Though I'm not sure if I'd need/want some of the old DOE-Extensions that are included, it certainly qould be a good start to check out. Mainly I'm hoping to find enought snipets to build a small extension myself due to the fact that I'm planning to move to Unity once it's Beta starts. And the less "extra" Stuff I get in that extension the less can break during that shift^^ (Especially Sound may be handled way differently in Unity, since that is a fully fledged Game-Engine that already has a builtin Sound-System... which means even if the initial Dev-Scope has no Sound planned, I guess it might be on the road, or can be added by Extensions in totally different ways than we have now :P)

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    There are no public plans to implement sounds in the initial builds of FGU. Really the only parts of a ruleset that will be handled differently with FGU is image controls. There is a post around here somewhere from Moon Wizard detailing what he expects to "break" with FGU and it's image controls. Other than that, don't really expect much to break.

    My understanding is the DORCore is layered on CoreRPG, and so any image control changes made in FGU will be resolved in CoreRPG (since it is an official ruleset). I don't think Dulux modifies those aspects at all, but if he does, I also expect he will have those fixed soon after FGU Beta is released.

    But, if you make a stand alone ruleset or layer it on another, that's something only you can decide

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    True enought sound it not publicly planned, but since Unity actually already supports sound (since it is a Gameengine^^) I guess implemenring it as a extension made by the community would be something that most likely could be possible.

    Anyway, I spent a few days now working though the forums and what I could scrounge up on guides...sadly stuff seems to be all over the place, sometimes outdated sometimes helpful. My biggest issue is that the Stuff I actually was looking for I seem unable to find in a simple way. I decided to give DORCore a chance, my Issue is a) I'd like to modify it again, and have no clue how that is best done...another ruleset? A Extension? A Theme?...

    and b) while I found decent tutorials for extending content (e.g. add some new tabs/Options to a character sheet) it seems there is not much information on removing/replaceing stuff. Basically I wanted to design the Character sheet by myself and don't use any options that are already there.

    Another issue I had sto struggle with is simple examples: Like adding a new "Menu" on the right tab. I either have to figure it out by scrouging huge rulesets that add way more than just that or run trial/error runs till i get somewhat of a result. Even harder to figure out how to remove stuff (for example we don't need the alignment, so I'd just like to have it removed^^)

    My last "special" issue is working with some sort of "GM-Info-Tab". The idea is to add the option to add hidden Information to most default "pages" like notes npc's etc. Basically somewhat like Item-Identification works. I did try to figure that one out with no luck so far^^ If I share a Note/NPC whatever with my players I'd like to have a Setup, where some Information is available to them (like a description on how the npc looks, the text of the "letter to xyz") while I have some other Information (like NPC-Stats, Notes on implications of said letter) stay hidden to them. I know you could do this with linking another "object" that the player don't have, but that would open an new window and feels "Messy" instead of having both information in the same place...
    also tried the <gmonly /> option for tabs but while I was able to add tabs to notes they behave "erratic" (start-tab seems tab 2 without high-light, even <activate>" did not solve this, just marked whatever I chose as active tab, while contentpage was something different^^) and I had the option of either hide all tabs or none :P

    I don't expect anyone just giving me all of this on a silver plate and say "here ya go" but some hints into the right direction would be helpful^^
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    Here are some videos on extending rulesets.
    Some of them are 5E, some are themes, many are MoreCore.
    They are all useful...

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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    I think for what you want to do (which is more or less create an entire ruleset) is to build it on top of CoreRPG. It would be easier then to add stuff in rather than take it away. I'm not a coder but if you wanted to change the character sheet in, say, 5e then you would need to write an extension which replaces the entire character sheet section of the 5e code. The extension would over write the code in the ruleset. I suspect you would also then need to write the code for all the bits of the character sheet that you would want to be functional - such as rolling to hit or damage or make a saving throw etc.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list http://fg2app.idea.informer.com/

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