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    Extention Creation Questions

    The latest question:

    I don't want to use Athletics for thrown weapons in my setting. So I assume that I add the following to my onInit()

    registerWeaponType("Thrown", "Throwing", true)
    or even
    registerWeaponType("Thrown Knife", "Throwing Knife", true)

    If I wanted to really get into the crunchy weeds of skill specialization.

    My question is: Should I or do I have too explicitly call unregisterWeaponType("Thrown") beforehand? Or will mine just overwrite the default: and that's fine to do?

    Sorry I know this stuff is nit-picky and I already have it working I just want my extensions to be as code correct as possible. I find that proper use really cuts down on the bugs and makes bug hunting easier.
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    WeaponManager.registerWeaponType does not replace/update existing weapon types, it will always add new one. If you want to update existing one, you could use WeaponManager.unregisterWeaponType to unregister is first and re-register it again. Alternatively you could fetch existing one with WeaponManager.getWeaponTypeTitles, update its properties and store changes with WeaponManager.updateWeaponType.
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