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    Izzy's Slightly Used Airships (5E Ruleset)

    Izzy's Slightly Used Airships (by Bright Shield) vehicle suppliment series is now available on DM's Guild. This module contains all three of Izzy's Airships Modules, Airship maps, new NPCS, Magic Items and of course...a myriad of airships with rules to create the ultimate airship. Coming soon is Hamund's Harvesting Handbook.

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    Move to the 5E forum as this is specific to 5E and really isn't content for the Workshop subforum. You'll probably get more hits here as well.

    You may also want to post about it here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...munity-Content!

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    Thanks Trenloe! I appreciate the assist!

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    Well done. Always happy to see more stuff on the Guild for FG!

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    I am working hard at converting several guild stuff. My Elminster's Guide to Magic (Jeremy Forbing, MT Black) conversion is due to be released for FG this weekend I think.

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