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    First of all, I would like to thank to the creator of the ruleset for the great work he did. I would like to ask if there will be an update to fix it after the core rpg update?

    thank you

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    This looks super promising, but I am also curious if there are is an update is in the works to address the errors from the coreRPG update.

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    Hi All,

    I was hoping to look into this last week but didn't find the time, I'll be looking into it tonight. As I didn't create this ruleset I won't be able to update the first post, however I will send them a push request and add the updated extension in my own post.

    EDIT: There's a hotfix in the repo, so looks like it's all been done, see more here:

    Rulesets - Mongoose Traveller 2E & (1e)
    Now on my list, continue building the RQ ruleset

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    I tried to report this on Github but I got annoyed with the stupid dice puzzle verification puzzle to sign up because I'm on my phone but it seems like it might not be compatible with the Unity version of Fantasy Grounds. When I load up a new campaign with no extensions I get a few error messages.

    [ERROR] framedef: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for frame (shortcuts).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_frames.xml]
    [ERROR] framedef: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for frame (windowtitle).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_frames.xml]
    [ERROR] framedef: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for frame (tabs).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_frames.xml]
    [ERROR] framedef: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for frame (imagebox_header).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_frames.xml]
    [ERROR] icon: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for icon (tabtop).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_icons.xml]
    [ERROR] icon: Could not find image file (graphics/frames/blank.png) for icon (ct_passive).
    [WitcherTRPG] [graphics/graphics_icons.xml]

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    This is amazing work! Thank you to all those who have put time it. If this is still actively being worked on, will there be refocused efforts for Unity due to the announcement of FGC support ending? It would also be great to take advantage of LOS, lighting, etc.!

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    Many thanks for all the work that has been put in, I was just wondering is this for unity or classic FG, also is there plans to maybe release this as a full ruleset in the future


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