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    LFP for Saturday Night Misadventures 6-10pm Est.

    Hey folks thanks for taking interest in our game. We're a long standing group that has been playing over Fantasy Grounds for years from all across North America. Right now we need one or two more players to round out our 5e campaign. The campaign takes place in Icewind Dale a year after war changed the face of the Ten Towns and the winter court threatened to freeze the entirety of Toril. Currently the level of the group is 5 and the overall alignement is NG. We have a mix of RP and combat with a side of Jack-***-ery. The current group make up is a dwarven Paladin of Moradin with a big shield and even bigger heart; a member of the Order of the Silent Shroud who's somber devotion to Kelevmor is never lost on friend or foe; a member of the merchant guild with a penchant for getting into places he's not supposed to and making sure when there is a fight he's as far from the action as his xbow will allow; a father who loved a daughter so completely that when she was kidnapped he gave himself completely to powers from beyond; An asimar who draws upon his divine lineage for healing and harm alike; and an elven tracker who is as comfortable in the shadows of the city as those of the wood.

    If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of please feel free to reach out! We'd enjoy having you join us on another Saturday Misadventure in the Bitter Cold. Just please no Chaotic Stupid or Murder Hobos


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    My Saturdays are open. I wouldn't mind playing a dwarf tempest of Muamman Duathal who has sailed the high seas looking for adventure. Do you have an ultimate license so anyone can join? I haven't been able to purchase the standard license yet. So, if you have ultimate, I'd be interested in joining the campaign.

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    Hi......I would love to join your campaign. I would be keen to try a Fallen Assimar Warlock as I have never tried it before and if you have room in your campaign for a character like that I would love to join you. I am still a bit new to D&D 5e and Fantasy Grounds. Thank you for your consideration. My discord user name is Valkerin#1575.


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    Hi, I'm interested - Tequilaman #8955. Experienced player, sometimes DM. I would like to play a Chaotic Stupid Murder HOBO. Everything in my path I will try to kill, unless it's a hot waitress or worth 0 XP. I especialize in mass area effect spells so I can kill as many commoners as possible to REAP that sweet XP. Kindly consider my request. Thanks.

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    I am interested in a long term group, I am so tired of chaotic murder players so after reading. I am VERY interested. My characters tend to be Paladins or Ranger types, so I will come up with a good fit if chosen. I have an ultimate license but haven't used/ played in a year. I can stress enough how your team fits my needs to get back into it. I have played all the way back from first edition, but still consider my self a learner.


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