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    If you are looking to create stuff for 5e then there are a couple resources that will make the task somewhat less tedious.

    Use Project Author to create the reference manual

    Engineer Suite for items, NPCs, spells
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    List of completed DLC products

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    Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to start Author... lol... I am sure i am just missing the instructions somewhere. I have it in the right folder and it's not loading... NM... Restarted a few times and it worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    I own multiple copies of 5E in book form. I also own all the rulebook and supplement modules for Fantasy Grounds plus a few adventures. It is totally worth it to me because you can do so much with Fantasy Grounds, especially as a DM that makes it so much easier. Even in a tabletop environment I can use it to track combat, story, maps, treasure, etc., like having a module, dice and DM screen but with everything easier to find and use.

    Don't think of it as repurchasing the same product because it is so much more than just the book. Smiteworks has a 30 day full refund period so you could buy the core rules, play it for 3-4 weeks and if you don't see it's value return it. They are really good about that.

    I plan on initially using FG for a Table top environment probably run on one or two machines with a TV Display for players. I have not really done enough play-testing to know how the included 5e modules work in game play. Do you feel that the Core Content adds significantly to the functionality within FG? Or do the included modules cover most of that and the Core materials just add information? In other words... did they do a good job of building tables and other automation/aids in from the core material? If I am going to be building some stuff i want it to be most functional for the majority of users and the modules that most of them have to create the best experience.

    So say... Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Guide, Monster Manual vs Just playing with the included 5e stuff? Is it best to make materials that leverage the purchased mods or just the core?

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