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    Par5e Mod files & Legal usage

    Is it legal, to use mod files of like rulebooks for 5e & other UA material?
    I was also thinking of using Par5e to create custom ruleset for races & classes from planeshift series released by WOTC.
    So, I am wondering if, I par5e say physical copies of XGTE and all other rule books or getting a copy from someone else isn't allowed?

    And is that legal, or is it illegal to distrubite those mod files and pass it off as your own to make money if you don't get permission?

    And where would I ask, if getting something or making copies to get permission to use?

    So, what would be allowed for me use Par5e or other files import into FG. As I seen a lot of talk of Par5e and from my assumption you can't sell what u copy from WotC core rulebooks is that what I am getting but if u make say a module of your own it's possible for u to, sell?
    Edit: this all for personal use and I just want, have content use help create encounters for battlemap for my players. or would I have to purchase the rule books again for convience or can I use, Par5e and other stuff. or, if someone else had already done it, u can't copy those files? and what is off limits for that? is it any thing that sold or is it, anything u purchased u have ability have it imported or copy in FG. Just want to know. before do anything as seen par5e talked about a lot is it just for, UA and other stuff? like custom races, custom backgrounds that I want personally. and can u get Par5e mod files from other users or is that something u can't do.

    so, if I par5e the rule books myself It's something I can do, but if copy that from someone else who already done it is it fine or, not?
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    Personal Use is Personal Use. As soon as you start giving it out to others, free or otherwise, it's no longer Personal Use and you're in not so good territory.

    Edit: if you are creating your own homebrew stuff, you're still doing it with 5e framework. I think you can distribute or sell on DMsGuild in that case.

    Have a read of the OGL for 5e.
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    Par5e isn't available for download anymore, and if you did have a copy of it I don't think it would be overly useful since there have been significant changes to some of the XML formatting. Project:Author or Engineer Suite would be far more useful now.
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    So, I also have Starship troopers rpg , but pazio stopped its production and release its EULA states free to modify and use for personal stuff, what not so is copy pasting a core rule book like that against terms and agreement of fantasy grounds or is it encouraged if it isnt exact copy and paste of entire book and instead just what's needed to play?

    And how would I go about creating horde mechanics as I want write rules on how handle that. I'm pretty new as only started look into fg and been using roll20 for two years now but at limit of its usefulness
    Edit: and mean modify as in adding content and rules like most rpgs and missions and what not

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    As noted above you can create a Fantasy Grounds module for personal use; but you will not be able to distribute that module here or indeed most likely anywhere else.

    Changing a ruleset will require you to either create a ruleset or write an extension to do what you want and that's a whole different ball game. Have a look at the MoreCore ruleset - there may be something there that you can use.
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