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    Old player new to starfinder looking for group

    Title says it. Been playing for about 17 years yet to try out starfinder and VERY interested now that ive put a bit of research into the game.

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    Starfinder Society games (Organized Play One-Shots) are run most weekends, alternating between higher-tier and lower-tier. You can sign up for them as long as spots are open for a specific scenario (though I wouldn't recommend higher-tier scenarios if you are new to Starfinder).

    If you are interested in them I suggest you subscribe to the Game Announcement thread. Please do not post in it though unless you are running a game yourself.

    If you are more interested in APs or home games, the general LFG thread might be better as most Starfinder GMs that do APs or homebrew might not check this particular thread (being an Organized Play thread).

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