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    LFG/LFP- every other week- curse of strahd or ghosts of saltmarsh

    dnd 5e-looking for a group or players who want to form a group. games played every other Saturday (first game June 29 or two weeks later). I'd like to play either curse of strahd or ghosts of saltmarsh but if i'm outvoted to another campaign that's okay. Discord for voice chat.

    My name is Jeff, I'm 28 and I'm new to FG currently playing a campaign on R20, but want to give this a try.(heard good things). I want a game with fun people who don't take things too seriously but are also invested in their characters. Light roleplay.

    If you're a single player as well tell me about yourself and what you want out of a game. If you're a DM, what do you want out of a party?

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    atlantic daylight time and with a start time anywhere from 10am to 6pm

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    So the we are currently looking for july 13 for the first session and the second player to join is Thelgar who wants to play a half-orc fighter.

    We still need a DM and a few more players.

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