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    No Player Resources for Armory?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, couldn't find an existing post or thread that answered this question for me.

    I have an ultimate license and copies of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Alien Archive, Pact Worlds, and Armory. All 4 of the Players in my group have the demo license.
    Everything works great for the most part except for the fact that none of the players can access any of the Armory source material, while the Alien Archive, Pact Worlds, and Core Rulebook all have player accessible material.

    Is this expected behavior? Do my players need to buy the Standard License AND Armory books on fantasy grounds?


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    Just give them access to the armory module. there is not a separate player resource for it.

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    When you say give them access to the Armory Module, I've asked my players if they can load that module and they say it is not even available to them even though I have the module loaded. Is there something I have to do on my part to make it available to the players?

    EDIT: Figured it out, I have to drag the checkmark from the bottom left of the module window next to the Armory Module to allow player access. I didn't even know I could do that.

    Thanks for your reply, it got me in the right place.
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    Open Fantasy grounds and load your campaign. Click the Library then click modules. Scroll down to armory and make sure you drag the check mark to the players spot in the armory. See Picture.


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    MSbranin - I hadntr seen that theme before - is that your own creation? Very nice.

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    Its not my theme. I like it though .. Look for the hacking a theme post a few threads down.

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