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    Quote Originally Posted by Targas View Post
    Not only I had both english & german skills in the sheet...
    This is for characters created when the extension was not enabled - if you create a new character after enabling the extensions you'll just get the skills in German.

    Quote Originally Posted by Targas View Post
    ... but you need to know that automation (e.g. using level advancement) refers to the english wording.
    Yeah, some aspects of automation do unfortunately check for the skill names in English.

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    Well I did like Trenloe wrote in his last post and it finally works. *smile*
    Ok.. My Players need to migrate their characters into the new sheet if they want to use it but thats no big deal.
    Anyway.. I must thank you alot for the help and kindness!

    When I got admins here.. Cant wait for your Unity Version to step into open beta or even get released.
    You will kill Roll20 with that for me.. ^^"

    Have a great day.

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