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    DJ Hero's here to drop some hawt tapes and take names

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    Alright, but be aware that due to more applications than spots, I'll go with sign-in-order on this one.

    So the first six people that applied first, then dmkevin, than you.

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    Have to drop work got in the way...

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    Unfortunate but thanks fot the notification.

    With that, dmkevin would move up from the waiting list.

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    Yes, see you later today then.


    DM-Kevin - Current campaign running: D&D 5.0 Tomb of Annihilation -

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    The server is up (FG alias under Game calendar - GM Announcements).

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    Everyone should have received a chronicle draft by now.

    Next game either SAT 29th afternoon or evening GMT or SUN 30th late evening GMT.

    Either #1-37 Siege of Civility tier 5-8 (builds on #1-24) or #1-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant tier 5-8 (starship combat).

    Feel free to state your availability so I can take it into account if possible.

    No game on SAT July 6th / SUN July 7th.

    Probably either a tier 1-4 or the new Skittermander Crash (3rd level pregens) on SAT July 13th or SUN July 14th.

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