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    Well met!
    If you have not filled your campaign I would love to tap in!
    In answer to your questions:
    1. I have been using FG for about 3 years now. I was away from the hobby for nearly 30 years, found Roll20 which I didn't enjoy, but it lead me to FG and I love it. I have been running a 5e group on Monday nights for over two years now, we finished the Tyranny of Dragons and are now doing Dragonheist!
    2. I love my Pally's and Clerics, oh and Fighters too. I do the boring stuff, you know, Human, Male, LG, Kill the evil type of guy. I have been known to throw down a good Rogue, but he's still a nice guy.
    3. I am nearing my 55th birthday.
    4. My favorite thing to do is create a character and then let that character grow and learn as a person within the game. I don't plan out my levels. What I mean is I don't look ahead until almost there and I add to the character if it makes sense within this campaign. I don't usually multi-class and I never go into a game planning on multi-classing. I only do what makes sense with THAT character in THAT game. I have even been known to abandon a character because he didn't fit where the party was taking the story. I enjoy Role Play a bit more than Roll Play. I enjoy seeing how a group of random characters can grow and tell a fun story.

    As for me as a player, I am on time, ready to go. I don't miss sessions. I NEVER tell another person how to play their character nor do I argue with the DM/GM. I am not a rules lawyer or a meta-gamer. I don't like the player that tries to WIN at D&D.

    Hope to hear from you, if you have already filled your table I hope you tell a great tale.

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    1:Experienced with FG as a player and a DM. experienced with 2e and 5e ruleset
    2: Cleric, Druid, Paladin
    3: 42 yrs old
    4: a good balance of RPing/puzzle solving/ combat. I like to be in a group that works together and enjoys RPing through the story as much as the combat.

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    If you are interested, reply to this thread with:
    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. New to FG, new to D&D
    2. Your preferred class(es). Bard
    3. Your age. 19F
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. Using bardic inspirations to help people fight

    CDT (Lincoln, NE)

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    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience.: No real experience with FG table-top, been playing for about the past year on Roll20. / Plenty of D&D and RPG experience in my mid-teens to mid-twenties, and have gotten back into it over the past couple of years. I've been involved with 5e for about the past 3 years.

    2. Your preferred class(es).
    : No preference, most recently have played a Druid, a cleric, and a fighter. Probably looking to play an arcane caster or a rogue next... I also have a couple of Monk ideas.

    3. Your age.: 40; Aka old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.

    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign.: Definitely enjoy story and character development, dramatic successes and failures seem to really stand out from my games as good memories (yes, even the failures)

    Summary: Experienced role-player, noob to FG, looking to give it a try. Canadian in the EST.

    Thanks for your consideration!


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    Reopened for one or two players.
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    CoS Tuesdays 6:30 CDT lfp 1

    Hi, have a spot in the campaign if you are still interested.



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    1. Semi new to 5e, long time D&D player
    2. like playing tank, or ranger type
    3. im 52 -
    4. I like a good story, building great characters, and basically just having fun

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    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience.: I've been playing DND since the mid 70's, I'm a FG newb but learn quickly.

    2. Your preferred class(es).: No preference, I'd be glad to fill whatever the party needs.

    3. Your age.: 51

    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign: I like a balance between battles and role playing. I really enjoy the chemistry that can be built between players. It doesn't always happen but it's fun when it does.

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    CoS Tuesdays 6:30 CDT lfp 1

    I will dm you both

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