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    LFP Need 4-5 Players Tuesday Night 6:30 PM CDT USA D&D 5e CoS

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: DnD 5e

    Time Zone: GMT +2 (CDT)
    Day of week and time: Tuesday - 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM CDT (Central Time Zone) Sometimes we go a little over.
    Planned start date: In session
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly and at least levels 1-10.

    Text or Voice: Voice
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 60/40 sometimes 40/60. Sometimes heavy combat but I expect some heavy RP too. Its cool if you arent totally down or need time to get comfortable but Strahd is RP heavy at times.
    Number of Players: looking for 4 to 5 players. I would prefer 4 if the players are consistently showing up.
    Character starting level & equipment: Level 1, standard class equipment.
    Character restrictions: Players Handbook (maybe Sword Coast) and no evil players. Prefer good alignments.

    Details of the scenario: We started at the Death House and survived. I have been playing D&D since the 80's and have DM'd on and off through the years. I am relatively new to DMing in Fantasy grounds. and am happy to take on new ish players so feel free to apply. This will be my second run through of CoS. Be prepared for occasional f ups etc. If you are chill and a team player come on in. If you get annoyed with someone taking a minute to find what to click meh, probably dont want to be here. Like drinking beer? come on in. Seriously don't lie, I don't like wasting time and you will get kicked or just be bored and leave so be honest with yourself.

    I'm fine with people wanting to have a strong combat-oriented character but I'd prefer if you don't min-max the hell out of your character. If you are new to fantasy ground, I'm more than willing to show you the ropes. If you want a technical character fine, just know how the hell to code everything so I dont have to fix your oath while we are in the middle of combat.

    If you are interested, reply to this thread with:
    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience.
    2. Your preferred class(es) , roles etc.
    3. Why you think this would be a good fit.
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign.
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    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. almost a year with FG, and came back to D&D about a year ago and still learning 5e
    2. Your preferred class(es).-usually ranged, but enjoy a lot of different ones
    3. Your age.-45
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign.-I enjoy the fun and camaraderie, and being someone else for a while, having a good time and ending the evil.

    And starting 6/18 would be excellent
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    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. - Long time dnd player semi-new to 5e but an avid fan. Extensive fg knowledge
    2. Your preferred class(es). - rogue or some type of caster
    3. Your age. - 32
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. Everything especially in 5e.
    FG License: Standard License
    Timezone: -5 EST/EDT

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    I live in Oklahoma. So, the 6:30 pm CDT fits my schedule perfectly!!!

    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience.

    I'm an old school 1st and 2nd edition player. I have been playing 5th edition for about 6 months now, and I'm loving the streamlined rules. As for Fantasy Grounds, I've been playing D&D 5e for almost 3 months using the software and I have learned most of the functionality required to play my character smoothly.

    2. Your preferred class(es).

    I have been exploring the Tempest Cleric and I have to say I'm really enjoying playing this class. Back in the day, I would play as a fighter or as a mage. So, I'm also familiar with those classes too. Since we would be playing CoS, I might choose a light domain cleric to gain the advantage of having spells that inflict fire and radiant damage.

    3. Your age.

    I'm 40 years old.

    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign.

    Although I enjoy combat as much as anyone else, I love to get into character and role play my actions. I like solving puzzles and mysteries, and being part of a team that go on exciting adventures. As for myself, I'm extremely laid back and easy going. I love to play D&D and rarely miss a session.
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    I live in Ohio so the time difference is perfect.

    1) I am brand new to Fantasy Grounds but have been playing D&D and other RPGs for over 27 years.

    2) I will play just about anything and it is frequently a dwarf.

    3) I am 43.

    4) I enjoy building a character from the ground up, giving them a personality and role playing it. I'm also a big fan of tactics and figuring things out.

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    Florida resident here, so time should be good.

    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. No Fantasy Grounds experience, but from the videos I've watched it seems straightforward. I played DnD a bit back in the late 80's and the mid 90's, recently I have about a year as a player with 5E, and about 2 years experience as a DM for 3 5E home brew campaigns.
    2. Your preferred class(es). Warlock, Monk, Bard, Rogue.
    3. Your age. 41
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. I really dig morally ambiguous choices. I prefer when the impact of player choice isn't too easy to predict... combat is fine, but generally prefer it to have meaning.

    Edit after seeing Jafo's reply: In the past 4 years I've only missed two games, and they were due to having a baby.
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    1. A little over two years with Fantasy Grounds. D&D since the 80's.
    2. Anything is fine. I usually pick-up whatever the party needs.
    3. 45 yo.
    4. I like living vicariously through imaginary characters.
    Bonus answer. I can show up on-time reliably with very rare exceptions.

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    Texan from the Ft. Worth area. Currently in a campaign with Valerian and enjoy his company despite the fact that he's an Okie.

    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. Fantasy Grounds Exp = 2 years. D&D Exp = 35+years. Like Valerian I'm old school and started playing in the early 1980s. I have played 5e for over 3 years.
    2. Your preferred class(es). Paladin or Bard
    3. Your age. 56
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. I would have to say I most enjoy the friendships that develop over the course of a campaign. I have not played CoS and prefer campaigns where I don't know what to expect. My characters typically come with a funny flaw that I think would be enjoyable to roleplay. I tend to pick spells and abilities based upon background and things which occur during the course of a campaign, (ie. athletics for a character with a negative strength modifier because that character nearly drowned once).
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    1.Fantasy grounds = 3 years as a Player and 2 years as a DM DnD = decades with a few years break in between. I looked at 4e for a bit but skipped the whole experience. I love 5e
    2. Your preferred class(es). = If I had to choose a Blood Hunter or a Ranger. But I am not so much into the classes but the combination of a class and a cool backstory. I spend a lot of time building my backstories. I prefer the grey heroes (Wolverine, Batman rather than a Superman)
    3. Your age. = Level 46
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. = I enjoy good roleplaying and recurring NPCs not just the main villians or antagonist but the allies or friends of the party. I like having a base of operations and planning out the design and potential side incomes between the sessions. I like building dynamic relationships with the other party members.
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    1. Your Fantasy grounds/DnD experience. I have SOME experience with Fantasy grounds. I am learning with the group I play in on Thursday nights. I have similar experiences as other posts. i have been playing D&D in the 80s and 90s. I just started with a group locally for 5e buit we only meet 1x a month on Sundays. I am in a campaign on wednesdays locally. Friday nights on Roll20, random roll20 one shots when able. I have a lot of recent experience with Vampire the Masquerade LARP. SO I like RP.
    2. Your preferred class(es). I have thought of a Loxodon Monk way of the Sun soul, a Half elf ranger monster hunter, or I can just play whatever the party needs.
    3. Your age. 48
    4. Maybe a bit about what you as a player enjoy in a DnD campaign. I love to create a character and to play that role, when I make a character I develop it and its background as I give it a backstory and a life. I use that to be the motivations of its actions and how I play the character. I am free Tuesday night and I usually am on time unless of a family emergency. those do not happen often.
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