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    FG freezes when loosing focus

    It might not be related but I first noticed this after I did the Windows 10 May 2019 update. Now, when running FG as the DM, if I click outside of the FG window (in either fullscreen or windowed) and then click back into FG, FG will freeze for about 30 seconds. This isn't game breaking, I just want to know if this is a known issue and do I need to revert back from the Windows update.


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    When you change focus away from FG and back again, it performs a scan of all your tokens folder and all your campaign images, in order to see if any of the images have changed. My guess is that you have a large number/size of token files, which causes the process to take a while.

    If you do have a large number of tokens, you might look into generating some token modules instead. There are a few threads on creating token modules on the forums.


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    That's genius. I know exactly what's causing the issue then as I just downloaded the Margreve token sets.

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