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    Would core rpg be a good program to make up a character sheet from Stormbringer or Elric rpg.?

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    I would recommend the BRP Ruleset if it were not so outdated and broken. The BRP ruleset is adaptable and can be customized any BRP iterations for example like Stormbringer. It is still usable but barely.

    But yes Core RPG would be able to make up a usable Character Sheet for Stormbringer, it might not look as nifty and have the functionality as for example a D&D character sheet but still very much usable. Had plans myself to use Core RPG for a Mythras game and whipped up a usable Character Sheet from scratch without any problems in only a couple of minutes. What turned me off was that the NPC Sheet couldn't handle Mythras NPCs very well (but a simple solution is to use a regular character sheet for NPCs instead) and I have gotten a bit to spoiled by the supported rulesets so I am currently focusing more on games that are supported ). MoreCore is also and option and from what I understand it expands the Core RPG and should give even more options but haven't had time to explore it myself.
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    Thanks Chorpa, I bought the brp rule set a while back but it is not supported & really should not be for sale. I have the role master rule set which is very good but my favourite system has always been Elric/Stormbringer or Mythras and the Classic fantasy by Rodney Leary is great also. I hope that in the future one or more of these systems get developed into a fully supported rule set, I'm a little bit surprised one of them has not.
    In the meanwhile I will get to work on the core rpg character sheet. Thank you for the reply.

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