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    Castles and Crusades Ruleset change requests and bug reports

    Please use the new tracker that I have setup to report bugs in the ruleset, modules, and also to request changes and enhancements. See link in my signature.

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    Sorry if this isn't the correct location to place this however the link in your signature doens't work to report a bug.

    I found a bug which effects all the barding items from the Players Handbook, and a fix actually.

    Steps to reproduce:
    Add any barding item to a characters inventory on the inventory tab then click items icon on inventory tab to view the item. The following exception will occur:

    'Ruleset Error: windowcontrol: Database type mismatch for control (ac) in windowclass (item_main)'

    I looked at the Players_Handbook.mod>client.xml file and some lua code to see why FG thought there was a data mismatch and analyzed the items in comparison to others, long story short your node for ac type cannot be string

    So the following lines of xml in the client.xml file have to be changed as follows:
    |LINE 2013|<ac type="string">+5</ac>|<ac type="number">5</ac>|
    |LINE 2027|<ac type="string">+8</ac>|<ac type="number">8</ac>|
    |LINE 2041|<ac type="string">+3</ac>|<ac type="number">3</ac>|
    |LINE 2055|<ac type="string">+1</ac>|<ac type="number">1</ac>|
    |LINE 2069|<ac type="string">+3</ac>|<ac type="number">3</ac>|

    After making making these changes recreating the mod file and unloading and reloading the Player's Handbook fixed the issue. Though I had to delete the previously added items and re add them. If I understand the wiki correctly this is because the system created/loaded the entry into the campaigns folder to track the players items. Lastly I did a search to see if this was an issue with any other items in the Players_handbook.mod and these appear to be the only effected items.

    Anyway I just happen to notice this due to creating a test fighter and was curious as to why this happened so I did a mini deep dive. Hope this helps.
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    I've made the change, and pushed an update to both patch systems.


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