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    1. Your Age? 32
    2. Your first name? Chris
    3. Time Zone? EST
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? I am looking for a group that is more long term and possibly make some IRL friendships. This sounds like it might be right up that alley.
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? I have DM'ed a few campaigns so I would say I am pretty familiar with it.
    6. Do you like kittens? Who doesn't like kittens? I like most animals.

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    1. 28
    2. Richard but call me Zack
    3. Central
    4. the rp and tactical combat seems interesting to me . I do hope that means you are willing to take into consideration real world effects.
    5. I am fairly familiar with 5e and have a good understanding of the rules.
    6. I have a few kittens myself one is named frank sinatra.

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    1) 31
    2) Matthew
    3) Central but almost always free
    4) The way you seem to handle rules with roleplay possibly resolving actions. As a player I like to try and think through a scenario as my character heavily and sometimes talking seems more viable than punching so I go with that.
    5) I have been in two games for 5e for about a year one recently ended. Both dms were rules light roleplay oriented so I didn't get too deep
    6) That is on a kitten by kitten basis


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