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    LFP - Need 3 or 4 players - Tues or Weds Nights 9pm EST USA - 5E "Home Brew"


    FG License: Ultimate (player can be any)
    Game System: 5E with some additional systems and house rules

    Time Zone: EST
    Day of week and time: Tuesdays or Wednesdays 9pm until 12am or 1am depending on group.
    If new game, planned start date: July 23rd
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Starting bi-weekly and may have some additional weeks depending upon everyone's schedule.
    Term: Long Term

    Text or Voice: Mix of both, primarily voice.
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed?No but this will be shared on a site called Obdidian Portal.

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50. Good role play is always encouraged however combat will be very tactical. Combat is also very deadly since the monsters are not stupid.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3-4
    Character starting level & equipment: All characters will start at level two with max hit points and the following basic equipment:
    medium backpack (can hold 30 pounds of equipment)
    good clothing (includes in-game seasonal appropriate (its winter in the area of the world) clothing. This including pants, shirt, boots and cloak)
    medium wineskin (1/2 gallon of water)
    7 days dry rations
    100 Silver Crowns (aka silver pieces)
    2 Gold Eagles (aka gold pieces)

    Stats are purchased via point-buy-system. Each player will begin with an 8 in each stat. They will then take 30 points and choose stats. No ability may be over 18 (without racial modifier) and no state shall be lower that 8 (without racial modifier.
    Character restrictions: All races in the 5E PHB are allowed with the exception of Dragonborn. All Classes in the 5E PHP are allowed as well however, if you choose a magic wielding class I will need a backstory on how you received these abilities since Arcane energies are more rare here. There will be additional classes that can be trained into as you adventure through the world.

    Details of your scenario:I have been gaming since I was 8 years old and I am now 43. For many years I was an RPGA Grandmaster DM and ran many events at various conventions. I also maintained a "home brew" game for about 10 years. This is the rebirth of this game. I am new to Fantasy Grounds so please bear with me as I learn the system. The goal of this game is have along running campaign where friendships are built, lands are explored and heroes made. My DMing style is one of "realistic fantasy". Things like weight, climate effects and mental fortitude will be taken into account when your character. I also on many occasions will forgo rolling a dice to determine an action and let them play out making path decisions based on GM/PC and PC/PC role play. I think this truly gives an immersive experience while allowing for flowing dialogue. This is a "lower" fantasy setting. Arcane powers are present but not rampant like other worlds.

    Link to Gamecalendar page:

    If interested in playing please provide the information below. I will contact each person and work with you on the creation of your PCs. A good backstory is highly recommended as well. We will be playing in the Calidar Setting with some changes. If you are curious about this world at

    1. You Age?
    2. Your first name?
    3. Time Zone?
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game?
    5. How familiar are you with 5E?
    6. Do you like kittens?

    I look forward to hearing from everyone.

    Beloc (aka Marty)
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    I'd be very interested in this campaign. Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. You Age? 45
    2. Your first name? Rich
    3. Time Zone? Eastern
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? Your description of the style of game you'll be running, with its old school elements and low fantasy nature, plus what I've read of the Calidar setting on the KS page and DTRPG listings sounds very interesting.
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? I'm pretty familiar with it. I ran LMoP for a few months and have played ToA and part of OotA, as well as a few one shots.
    6. Do you like kittens? Of course!

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    Great rharkrader!! I will PM you with some information about getting into Discord and I can dig deeper into "the plan".

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    Good morning!

    1. You Age? 28

    2. Your first name? Luis

    3. Time Zone? MST

    4. What are you most interested in about for this game?

    The most intriguing thing to me thus far is the survival mechanics you’ll be using I’ve been a big fan if “gritty realism” for a long time. Having mostly played in a setting where we use variant encumbrance, sanity, and making sure our survival needs are met. I also really like that while a roll can help influence the outcome of a interaction roleplay will influence just as much if not more. The lore of the setting seems very fun as well and I’m eager to see what kind of influence these airships and such will play in this campaign.

    5. How familiar are you with 5E?
    My love for dnd started over 15 years ago but I stopped playing for a while more recently starting up again with 5e nearly 3 years ago. So i’d say I am very familiar with 5e, I’ve probably clocked over 800 hours in fantasy grounds in the last two years. Playing mostly 5e, ran a Half orc Eldritch knight from level 1 to 13 in that course of time with a few breaks of time in between.

    6. Do you like kittens?
    While cats/kittens are the devil, one cannot help but love those furry yes yes I do like kittens, especially the ones with patches.

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    I'm interested

    1. You Age? 33
    2. Your first name? Reyhan [pronounced Ree-han (han rhymes with pan, man, can)]
    3. Time Zone? EST
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? A good mix of roleplaying/combat, preferably 50/50. I'd like to see a good use of all the skills offered in 5e (not only Perception).
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? I'm pretty new. I just started my first campaign two weeks ago. That group meets (in person) every other Thursday night. I've never played on Fantasy Grounds before, so will need some guidance with that.
    6. Do you like kittens? I have a cat, so yes.

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    I'd be interested in this!

    1. You Age? 21
    2. Your first name? Todd
    3. Time Zone? EST
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? The more realistic setting and style, as well as having a veteran DM running the game. The encouragement of roleplaying is great as well, as my background is more in the roleplaying side of things.
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? I've played 5e for about 2 years and have DM'd my own campaign for a few months.
    6. Do you like kittens? If anyone doesn't like kittens, they're a monster. And even then that's an insult to monsters.
    Apologies if anything I say sounds rude. I have autism, it is unintended, please correct me or I'll never learn.

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    this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

    I am an older player at age 46 and have been playing off and on sense i was 11.
    My name is Chris.
    I am in EST time zone and a night person
    I am interested in this game for several reasons. The time is perfect for me sense my son plays football in the fall it wont interfear with his practice/game schedule.
    I really like the aspect of there not being magic flung all over the place all the time. Probably the best thing is the combat will have a tactal aspect to it and not just charge and swat,
    oh wait my character tends to do that from time to time (racial hatred type of thing)
    I am familiar with 5e but by no means any ware near and expert on it.

    As to kittens there ok all cute and cuddly but im more of a puppy person.

    Oh and love the setup and introduction you have on the link page.
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    Hello! Super interested in your campaign!

    1. You Age? 25 M
    2. Your first name? Taylor
    3. Time Zone? EST
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? I've always wanted to play a more "realistic" game of DnD, most DM's I've played with don't even use copper and silver. I'm also a huge fan of homebrew campaigns.
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? I have a few years of experience and I've watched all of Critical Role.
    6. Do you like kittens? I love animals!! I had to put my cat down last year

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    1. You Age? 41
    2. Your first name? Patrick
    3. Time Zone? EST
    4. What are you most interested in about for this game? Not specific to this particular game, I'm most interested to actually play for a change as I've DM'd the last three campaigns I've been involved with. Specific to this game it is a tie between the low fantasy approach in the unique setting of Calidar, and playing under someone who seems to have a DM style similar to my own. I've no qualms forgetting about the 4 hours of work and 10 pages of notes I made for a session as a result of awesome RP from the group, but I've played too often with DM's that are more concerned with railroading the players along than the synergistic story creation that is possible in RPGs.
    5. How familiar are you with 5E? Just under a year as a player, about 2 and a half years as a DM with 3 separate ground up home brew worlds/campaigns.
    6. Do you like kittens? I do, but I am allergic. My wife wants a cat for our firstborn, I want to not choke on phlegm as I try to sleep... the compromise will probably be me sleeping outside in our van.

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    Thank you to every one for the interest. Some of you have already been contacted and I will be reaching out to everyone letting you know if the campaign is full. For now I will be closing this thread so more people do not try to apply.

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