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    Having Issues with Fantasy Grounds, Need Help ASAP

    Ok... so i have an issue... Im not sure if my license has been revoked, or if steam just sucks... but i am unable to update, nor use my license for the game. Im in the middle of trying to host a campaign after making one, but it will not let me login now. The first issue i found is i purchased the ultimate edition, but it would only let one person log in... i thought it might be the key issue so i uninstalled the game and reinstalled... but now the game will not load at all.

    Fantasy Grounds Issue 1.png

    Fantasy Grounds Purchased from Steam
    Fantasy Grounds Issue 2.png

    When i try to update or load a campaign i get this error message
    Invalid Purchases login entered in settings.

    Please update settings with valid purchases login or clear login; and update again

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    Ok i seem to have fixed the issue..... XD dont know how to delete posts

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    Even better would be you‘d describe how you resolved your issue, that others can benefit of it when they are going to happen the same error...

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