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    If it worked before and doesn't now what has changed? If nothing at your end then it is possible that your ISP is now sharing IP addresses. Can you post a screenshot of a tracert
    I did try that and only have the one hop I believe. Is it safe to share that publicly here? Nothing has changed for me. I've had it like 4 weeks and it's been buggy since I got it. ATM if I switch port forwrading off it'll work for a while. hour or so. then fail. Port forwrading on again. works again briefly. Xydonus above is having similar but worse though he did upgrade his speed lately. Even so he's tried everything! And I mean that lol

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    Not to sound... dismissive (?) but saying you have tried "lots" and "everything" really doesn't help us help you. Because we've heard those some things many times before from others and yet a vast majority of times, someone who has tried "lots/everything" forgot or didn't know to try something

    Have you gone through this post and can you post the detailed answers to the 7 questions? If you are worried about your tracert being posted, you can delete the image after someone has reviewed it.

    And, even if you think you have done a step, please undo it and then redo it. And reboot your computer, modem, and router.

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    If it works for a while and then cuts out then I'd guess that something on your router such as parental control or flood protection is kicking in. It could also be that your ISP is indeed sharing IP addresses or your router is switching your computer's IP address every so often.

    If PF works then it isn't your rule nor is it your internet set to public; it could still be your antivirus.

    You are the second person recently that I've talked to, who has a tracert with only 1 hop and I've never seen that before so I can't explain that and the tracert tells me nothing very much. In the other case the problem was McAfee AV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Organoid View Post
    found the issue and thankas for the help... i didnt know i had to relogg in when redoing the cd key
    My pleasure.
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    A new 8th step in the list?

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