FG License: Standard
Time Zone: US Eastern
Day of the week, frequency, and time: Any day except Mondays and Thursdays, prefer earlier times that end before 7, can sometimes go to 8. Any frequency is welcome.
Term: Anything is fine.
Voice: I have discord and Teamspeak and prefer voice as my eyes aren't too great and I can't see the chatbox easily in FG.

Game System Preferred: Pathfinder, D&D 5e, D&D 3.x, Shadowrun 5e, NWOD, WOD, whatever it is as long as you're willing to teach me if I don't already know it.
Game System Experience: Pathfinder: 2 years playing, 1 year DMing. 3.5e: 6 years playing 2 years DMing. 4e: One year playing, 5e 2 years playing, 2 years DMing, Shadowrun 5e: Less than a year playing, understand character creation very well, NWOD: never played, some character sheet experience, Total experience: 10-11 years experience.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Basic understanding from a year or so of play, never quite figured anything out to the fullest yet.

Character Type Preferred: I prefer making unique characters and challenging the core archetypes of what makes certain classes. I'm not a power gamer by any means, but can sometimes try to work with the DM and other players to optimize my build so it's at least effective and keeps up with any normally played classes. Things like a half-orc wizard or drow bard/rogue hybrid wouldn't be off the table for me. I also like to multiclass a lot purely for the flavor I can get by combining abilities of different classes that I feel should be together for this character. In classless systems like Shadowrun and NWOD, I tend to try and specialize my character into one thing so they can do that one thing well, and often like to just throw in some quirks to make them more... Real, in a sense. Shadowrun, I prefer Karma creation, but am alright with priority. I prefer starting at a slightly higher level than first in games with levels. At least third is my preference. I can fill whatever role the party needs, but unless you specifically ask me to play something ideally (Which I don't mind by the way, feel free to have me play a pure cleric if the party needs a healer), I may put my own spin on it (selecting a bard for healing, for example, if there's another secondary healer already or I feel the party will be fine without a primary one, or choosing a wildshape-heavy druid or a transmutation-based wizard or sorcerer for a tank and transforming into durable creatures). My goal is just to have fun in doing this and if it hinders the party, I wouldn't mind switching characters or stepping away from the group, just ask me to do so first rather than booting me please.

About me: I prefer to play homebrew games, but anything is fine. I'm mostly motivated by heavy roleplay, though I'm fine with OOC jokes and the like usually. I will say, that I have a tendency to not notice a lot of implied things, nor do I really notice if I do something wrong, but once pointed out, I'll often take steps to deal with whatever issue I've caused. I also have a tendency to be extremely straightforward. Everything I say can be taken at face value, without any implications or assumptions behind it. If I want to say something, I'll say it. I'll ask a lot of questions if I don't understand something, and I expect others to ask me questions if something I say confuses them. If you get upset at me for any reason, please tell me, otherwise I won't understand what I've done. And above all, please be patient. I may be an adult, but autism is still an issue I have to deal with. I don't like it either, but I'm kinda stuck with it, so I'd very much appreciate if you could look past that and allow me to have fun with you all despite that, and perhaps help me better understand how I'm meant to act, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.