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    LFP One-Shot: Apocalypse World

    FG License: GM has Ultimate
    Game System: Apocalypse World via MoreCore

    Game Time: Friday, June 21, 8:00pm CDT (GMT -5)
    Planned Duration: 4-6 hours

    Text or Voice: Voice (Discord)

    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 1 / Need 3-4
    Character starting level & equipment: We will create characters at that time

    Details of your scenario: This will be an abridged "1st Session" (aka character/world creation) followed by a scenario chosen by the group (pick up & transport, snatch & grab, revenge/assassinate, etc.). We'll play to see what happens and stop at a logical spot. Play style is one of fictional narrative via conversation with PC action success/failure being determined by a simple dice roll mechanic.

    **A Word of Warning**: Apocalypse World contains mature subject matter as it deals with people on the brink. It will likely include foul language, graphic violence, and hard choices. It may also include sexual situations, although those are ALWAYS only consensual where PCs are involved and fade to black when requested or when I start to feel awkward. If you don't think you can deal with these situations in a mature manner, please move along.

    Link to Gamecalendar page: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/calendar/?id=3522

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    If you do in future, i'm game. first time using this game, FYSA

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