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    5E RP Heavy Player Looking For Group

    My experience with DnD 5E

    Well I'm an old man who is currently dming a session on Sunday mornings. I have played DnD on and off for about 8 to 9 years. I have dmd for a total of 2 years. Lots of experience.

    What kind of character would I enjoy playing without using race, class, or backgrounds.

    V.H Vengeance Paladin who has a duel personality. When he is calm he is very seldom and not speaking. When he sees a demon or anything demon-like he goes into a full crazy rage EYES OPEN DOUBLE SMILE frenzy psychotic rage due to the fact that his town was completely destroyed by an accidental portal opening of demons when he was only 5 years old. He saw his Deity come down before him and kill everyone with vengeance and a 2 handed scythe. The Deity noticed that this boy was one who was not panicking, screaming, or crying as one should. With a feeling the deity decided to take the boy under his wing and train him in the ways of holy vengeance. To this day they still talk to each other face to face in private. This boy now being a man wields the weapon that his deity used and fights for vengeance

    What I look for in a game from the GM and other players.

    DnD to me is an elaboration of the mind. It's the concept of being able to competently leave my current reality and join another in another's body to complete an adventure with purpose. I do find it hard to achieve this objective unless the dm does the same. What does this mean? This mean not being mono-tone, not going afk often, and of course attempting to make npcs different in the form of voice and story-telling. That's all.

    Anyway if you have a group looking for a fun, rp heavy, and dedicated vengeance paladin then feel free to send me on discord at Ducktales#4537 cause I DO NOT respond to replies on the forums. Either way have fun, relax, and play plenty of Dur and Dur.

    Current Availability- Monday- Friday 9p.m CST and ON

    Sunday 5p.m CST and ON

    Edit 06-21-2019 1:01 am CST. I am still currently looking for a group. Thank you
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    Heck I wanna play with this guy, sounds like a good time XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caminator View Post
    Heck I wanna play with this guy, sounds like a good time XD
    The feeling is mutual my man =p
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