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    LFP Ghosts of the Shadow Wood

    There is an open slot for the group and all are welcome. I am looking for a couple more players for an ongoing longterm campaign. This is one of two campaigns I have set in the same world, a homebrew world I have created and been working on for many years. Welcome to Terra'ahna! a beautiful world of continents and islands home to much splendor as it is fraught with danger. With a wide assortment of races to pick from, be they humans, varied as much by appearance as by geography and ideals, or the fey and the sea fey known for their beauty and grace? Perhaps you much rather play as one of the robotic Automatons? Or the dreaded Gola? feared and reviled in equal measure with their own hold on the continent of Gothica? Or perhaps the Goblurins, with their penchant for trickery and practical joke as well as their innate curiosity with anything related to the automatons? What about the draconic Dragla or the bird-like Yeglaw, and the feline Sabertooths? Whatever the choice be they near apocalyptic shenanigans to sarcastic banter between drinks sprinkled with the occasional fight and near death experience for those foolish/or drunk to do something reckless. The only way to know for sure is to see it first hand!

    Game system: Fantasy Craft, similar to Pathfinder 1e/dnd 3.5

    Schedule of games: every other Saturday at 4pm PST

    Party makeup is as follows: 1 Gothican human (tank), 3 Sabertooths (way too popular of a race lol) (tracking and stealth ranged dps, stealth melee dps), 1 Frostelvan (mage)

    Anyone interested, feel free to message me.

    PS: We will be switching systems to Pathfinder 2nd Edition next year.
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    We are looking for more players once again. PM me or message me on discord @GM Seth #7825 for more information and to join.

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