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    LFP Ghosts of the Shadow Wood

    I am looking for a few more players for an ongoing long-term online campaign. A Demo is all that’s needed for this campaign.

    This campaign takes place in a vast homebrew world developed over years, in the forest homeland of the Fey in the continent of Olympus. The party are currently in a large, overgrown part of the Olympusian woods called the Wild, where a magical surge in the area has caused the plants and trees and other vegetation to become overgrown, and the native creatures have been changed and mutated over the past thousands of years. Their friend, Kairine, has been kidnapped by a mysterious pair of cloaked men and they have chased them into the bowels of a strange temple hidden deep within the heart of the Wild to rescue her.

    To this point, the party has been on a caravan on their way to the fabled Shadow Wood, a region far to the south, on a mission to help Kairine to find and rescue her son. Along the way they have run into orcs who have enslaved the goblins in the region in the name of their masters, the vile Golan Empire, a race of mechanical demonic monsters with a mysterious anti-magic aura. They have also come across a T-rex-like creature that can breathe fire called Tyrannox, who by all accounts is supposed to be extinct. How has it survived all these years?

    As a GM I am more of a narrative type. I am focused upon the lore of this world I have developed over the past many years and love working with players to interweave their subplots and backstories into the ongoing narrative.

    The system we are currently playing is an offshoot of DnD 3.5 similar in some ways to Pathfinder 1e, called FantasyCraft. We will however be switching to Pathfinder 2e next year.

    We play every other Saturday at 4pm Pacific (UTC -7).

    PM me if you’re interested or have any questions.
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    We are looking for more players once again. PM me or message me on discord @GM Seth #7825 for more information and to join.

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    Still looking for more players.

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