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    RotRL Campaign LF 1 more player

    FG License: GM has full license so players only need Demo
    Game System: Pathfinder
    Every other Saturday from 6pm-10pm EST beginning July 20th (each player will do an origin session before this date that we can flesh out together)
    We plan on playing through the entire Rise of the Runelords campaign.
    We will use voice and video, most likely Skype. It's a private game, so there won't be any recording.

    I have 3 players ready to jump in. We are all new to Fantasy Grounds, though two of the players used to play D&D with me back when it was AD&D. My son will be the 3rd player. We began a campaign with his friend and he was super into it but his friend missed too many game sessions. We are looking for a standard game, nothing graphic or overly sexual, just a good old fashion role-playing experience. We are not rule mongerers. No murder hobos please. You don't need to have experience playing either. We just want to have a fun time and are looking for a fourth player who feels likewise and wants to immerse themselves in the town of Sandpoint and everything it has to offer.

    I'm looking forward to seeing who is interested out there.



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    I am interested if you are still looking for one. I am new to fantasy grounds but have been playing RPGs for a very long time.

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