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    LFP - 1-2 players Saturdays, late night

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at my post!

    Background: I've been DMing with this group for almost a year now and due to one player getting a new job he can no longer play. Which leaves us with 3 players so we need at least one or two players to join us. We do play Saturdays every other week (I'm in college and work so the extra week gives me time to work on encounters and everything) late at night normally around 22:00 EST because one of my players has a new born so he can't get on till after the baby is asleep. Also due to one of my players wife being hospitalized we haven't played in a good while so will be a fresh campaign.

    Time: Saturday ~22:00 EST every other week
    Number of players: 4-5
    Term: Long Term
    Type: Homebrew world and campaign, players make the story I build off your actions.
    Experience: Been playing D&D on and off for a long time but only really been DMing for the last year. Most of my players have only been playing since this group started. We as a whole are still learning the game and are by no means experts.
    Voice: We have a Discord server set up

    About our players: I need to let you know as we had problems in the past with someone. 3/4 of us are ex-military which means our sense of humor can be..... intense?.... it can be a bit much at times, even for me (7 years army). We enjoy ****ing around inside the world and OOC. So please understand that this is not a PG-13 group, it is rated R.

    If you are interested or have any questions please send me a PM. Otherwise thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day!

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    I’m interested and am willing to play whatever the group would need.

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    I'm 29 and have been looking for a return to D&D. I would be more than happy to fill a role your group would need. Please feel free to message me back. I'd love the chance to get to play with you guys.

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    Prior military here and would most likely fit right into your group. Is this 5E or 3.5? I have been playing D&D for about 10 years or so. DM'ed a few campaigns and am really looking for a long term group to play with.

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    Prior Military here too if you still have room I would be interested in applying. I've played OD&D,1e,2e, growing up and recently got into 5e the past couple of years. Ultimate / Completion(Wotc) holder so willing to DM a game or two after you complete your current campaign to give you room to play if need be.

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    Prior crayon eater here, I'd be willing to join assuming this is 5E? 3.5 would also be fine but will take me quite a bit longer to work through everything as I haven't looked at it in years. Which classes do you have already? Also what books can we build (or not) our characters from? Thanks.

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