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    Deadlands reloaded -Initiative

    Is it possible to use dice rolls (modified with agility score) for initiative and still use the combat tracker, or is the card based system the only option here - iam new to Savage worlds rules & I don't see any advantage that an agile character gets to act first or have I missed something?

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    Trust me when I say use the cards...

    The whole system is based around the use of cards, multiple edges will need to be re-written if you want to use dice.

    The FG ruleset will not do a lot without cards to be honest.

    Agile characters do not go any quicker than anyone else, Quick or Level-Headed characters might.

    Being Agile doesn;t mean you are any faster, just move around more easily
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    Cards are awesome way to draw for initiative
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    Hey keithpotter, welcome to Savage Worlds!

    In my 6+ years in contact with Savage Worlds, I've seen many people that come from other systems trying to change it even before they actually played it, you're not the first. I've seen people asking on different forums about things that would clearly unbalance the system, trying to 'fix' things that aren't actually broken because they felt like they were, even before they actually got to play it.

    So, if you will, please take my advice. Try a few games the way Savage Worlds is meant to be played, before trying to change anything. It's a completely different beast from anything you've probably experienced before and you might actually enjoy it. And then, with experience, you might want to change a thing or two to your own tastes.

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