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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave0910 View Post
    Yes, I had to talk to my remaining player, who’s an old-schooler, like me about the poll. I’m going to translate to 5E. However, that is going to take some time. I’ll have to translate the Draconians from 2E as well as work out each dragon’s relative age (2nd Edition having had 12 age catergories as opposed to 5E’s 5). I also have to work out equivalent damage from creatures’ powers and create a 5E version of the Kender race and translate all of the charaxters into 5E, as multi-classing/dual-classing are completely different.
    Needless to say that will take some time.
    However, I am updating the thread and the calendar to reflect this.
    I did my own conversions for the Dragonlance setting not that long ago, I found the Dragonlance Nexus very helpful. I wasn't completely pleased with the Draconians I found there, but I was able to do a few tweaks instead of fully converting them myself.

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    We’re still looking for players. Another returning player has joined the group. This game won’t work with fewer than 5 players, even in an RP Heavy style.
    Translation to 5E has been started the biggest hurtle is translating the Draconians. For Tas, I’ve simply replaced Halfling Luck with the Kender’s Taunt ability.

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    Okay, I still need 2-4 more players, and someone to play Goldmoon, kinda falls apart without her.

    I’ve also decided not to translate into 5E. Manually entering a campaign module from a book is work enough, without having to update everything for 5th Edition, and change encounters to be suitable for a single level (as opposed to the 2E range of levels from 3-6).

    One final reminder, read the instructions on how to apply. All who do not follow this criteria will be ignored.

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    There's a 5e version out on DMs Guild already for the first 3-4 modules I believe. He had to push it into the Forgotten Realms to put it on DMG. It also includes the FG mod files and he's running it on FG and YouTube.

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    Well, I thought it out, and even ignoring whether I have access to translations, part of the fun of this campaign is the nostalgia. It was one of the last 2E Campaigns released. Plus, the stories no longer work when dragons only have 4 age categories. They’d ALL be ancient by 5E standards. The booms themselves were based on a play-through ofnthe original DL01-DL03 modules by the same authors (This campaign being a translation of the books into second edition, when there were 12 age categories (1E having had 8). Even that doesn’t really work, b/c in 2E rules, Flamestrike was a Great Wyrm and Ember was a Venerable (2 age categories younger), and she should have defeated him easily, not to mention been immune to his fire breath.

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    For those who feel reluctant to play a PreGen Character, may I offer a small example...

    One year during the D&D Open at Gencon (back when TSR/WoTC still ran it), the PreGens we were given were all intentionally designed to encourage role playing. For example, I played a Dwarven wizard with a 6 int, who could only cast grease and could only communicate via a horn he honked (he was mute). Seems pretty limited aye? Let me tell you the roll playing opportunities were endless (think Harpo with access to grease), I've never had so much fun at an Open in my life, neither before or after.

    The Pre Gens in DL by contrast are dynamic and purposeful, if you roll with it and truly give the character a chance (remember the backstory is extensive) the payoff is a grand adventure that feels very organic with a small amount of suspension of disbelief. And lets be honest, suspension of disbelief is what we do!

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    We still need 1-3 more players. Flint, Riverwind, Goldmoon, Sturm, Tika, Gilthanas and Laurana are still available.

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    So, there’s one (potential) opening left. I have nore than enough players, but we’re lacking Goldmoon (and if you’ve read the books, you know she’s essential, early on). However, if nobody takes the role, I’ll be running her as an NPC.

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